The following fields are enabled to be searched for via the Keyword Search:  Product Category, Make, Model, Supplier, Supplier's Reference, Certificate Number, Declaration Number, Other Identifiers and Status.

To search on partial text, please use the wildcard (*) symbol.

Below the search form are some instructions on how to best use this search function. Please read if you are unfamiliar with this search page.

The search engine will display the results of the keyword search. Results can be narrowed down by using the filters on the left side of the screen. You must click on the “Apply” button to apply the filters. You must clear any selections you have made before running a new search.

Keyword search

When searching the keyword categories is sometimes best to use the principal of “less is more”. If you were trying to find a model called a REU VR2626, just type in “*2626*” and you’ll get a result. (Typing in the full name won’t find it as the supplier has not entered the declaration exactly as that.

Status filter

Unless one of the selections are checked the search results will display declarations with a status of “current” and “no longer supplied”. The latter is for appliances that are no longer supplied from a particular supplier. This may be because the supplier is no longer in business; the model is no longer produced or the original supplier no longer carries it. A “no longer supplied” declaration is still valid.

Product Category filter

Selecting a product type will narrow the search results to that type. You may select more than one choice.

If the appliance has been supplied within New Zealand and you can’t find it on the database please fill in our Report a Problem form with as much details on the appliance as you can provide. Make and model; where and when purchased; new/second hand, etc.

The requirement for a supplier declaration does not apply to the following: an endorsed appliance; an "own use" appliance; an individual appliance first supplied in NZ before November 2002 and (currently) any fittings.